If it’s not 3-D Sod, It’s Just Grass®

Ultra 3-D Sod

Self Feeding Lawn All around high performance including drought, wear and shade tolerance, as well as naturally dark green color. Ultra 3-D Sod produces a very uniform turf with a medium texture and excellent density. Moreover, mature sod performs well with moderate annual fertility. These characteristics makes for an unsurpassed sod product that is applicable for use on sports fields, home lawns, and elite golf courses.


Powerful Sod Solution


3-D Sod has been specially designed to yield a naturally darker turf. Simply put, this means less fertilizing! You’ll be able to have the same rich green lawn you expect without the use of costly and sometimes harmful chemicals.


Aside from the aesthetic beauty of a thick lawn, 3-D Sod’s improved density will help compete with weeds by actually squeezing them out! Plus, 3-D Sod will green-up quick in the spring giving you the first green lawn on the block.


Our 3-D Sod provides less vertical growth and a lower canopy height. It’s an attribute with a benefit that is terribly simple to understand… less mowing! Stop spending all weekend working on your lawn rather than just enjoying it.

Features & Benefits

Very Uniform – Dark Green Color

Manage One Variety

Moderate Nitrogen Needs

A Monostand – Blending is a Compromise

Reduced Inputs

Long Term Sod Solution

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Illinois SportsTurf Managers Association
Midwest Association of Golf Course Superintendents
TPI Natural Grass Turfgrass Producers International

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